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Top European Web Development Agency

Got a great idea?
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We're thrilled to explore your business ideas. Secure your spot for a complimentary meeting and tell us more!

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Here's what we can do for you
SaaS Solutions
SaaS is the hottest business plan at the moment. We've built so many SaaS apps by now that we lost track. And why shouldn't you turn your business into a SasS app, too? It's the most cost-efficient way to sell your services.
Custom Web Development
Not an App, not a SaaS, not a Website? Not a problem! We can handle any challenge that you might bring to us.
Laravel & VueJS Development
Having over 10 years of experience in web development, we reached a conclusion that Laravel is the best solution for backend (and sometimes frontend). And VueJS is the most friendly frontend framework out of the bunch. But our skills dont stop here, we have a lot more tricks up our sleeves, just look at our full tech stack.
API Integration and Development
We all know pretty much everyone has their own API. We can take care of that integration hassle, reading docs and writing clients. Stripe, Zapier, you name it.
Automation Scripts
Almost everything can be automated these days. Let us write some scripts, integrate some APIs and make your work life a lot more easier. Forget about boring repetitive tasks, just click a button, or just do nothing and everything will work on its own.
Mobile/Desktop App Development
Yes, you read it right. We even do Mobile and Desktop Apps. We use VueNative, Cordova, Ionic Framework for mobile, and for the desktop version, ElectronJS.
What our clients say about us

Robert & Alex were fantastic collaborators over a multi-year working relationship. Not only are they strong and organized developers, but a respected voice in strategy and capabilities. They made our jobs easier by meeting deadlines, producing quality code, and being attentive to ever changing requests.
Chris A. - BetterSpender LLC

The guys from Melonbyte are damn good developers! Fast, effective, knowledgeable, requiring very little guide, proactive and determined. Of over 130+ developers hired in my career, they would sit among the first 5. We will hire them in future for sure.
Pietro S. -

The guys from Melonbyte are intelligent creative and definitely worth their price. Will use them again.
Alexander F. - Webary & Co.
Let's talk!
30 minute meeting
Choose what time works best for you
Our process
First we talk, do some research, and see what is the best way to plant your idea.
We communicate along the way and make sure everything grows according to plan.
From time to time, we trim the weeds and get rid of those annoying bugs.
Finally, after all that hard work, we enjoy the fruits of our labour.
Our Values

Full Transparency

Right from the get-go we're 100% transparent with you. We're upfront with what we think needs to be done and why.

Long Term Commitment

We stick with you till the end. We want to see your idea reach maturity. We want to see it go to college, get married and have kids.

Best Prices, Best Quality

That's right. We don't like compromising quality over quantity. Even if we're focused on quality we still manage to have the best prices.


We are there for you! If an emergency arises, we'll be there to put out the fire regardless of the hour in the day.

Incredible Work Ethic

We'll only charge for the hours we work. This may seem normal, but we've heard too many stories and we had to mention this.


We are not robots that do just what they are told. More often than not, we'll fill in the gaps and even suggest improvements.
Our Tech Stack
Our main tech stack is Laravel + Vue, and everything in between to get a project up and rolling.
We'll even handle the boring domain and server administration stuff for you.
We might even make a design for you if you only have a rough idea or just a wireframe.
Not sure what's the best tech stack for your needs? Leave it to us, we're the professionals.
Want to see our exhaustive tech stack list? View our full tech stack
Our Prices
We understand that quality comes at a price, but we believe that our clients deserve the best. Our services are competitively priced: $55 - $99 / hr
You will be working directly e pwith us, no subcontractors, no surprises, no bullsh*t.
Take your next step
Did your current developers let you down?
Did they spend too much time already without consistent results?
Or worse, did your they abandon you?
We'll assess the situation and give you our honest and transparent opinion.
We'll look at the codebase, and at your initial requirements and then tell if it's worth continuing with what you have or just start fresh 🍉
Schedule a free consultation
Complete Solution
So you know exactly what you want and have it all detailed. That's perfect! We'll jump right into it then, no more wasting on time on back-and-forth discussions.
Don't worry if you don't have a mature idea. We can quickly spin up a PoC or an MVP, we'll set your risk level to the lowest. After you get things sorted out, we continue building on the initial code, zer0 waste.
Schedule a meeting with us
30 minute meeting
Choose what time works best for you