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Meet the lovely people behind melonbyte
We're a small team of enthusiastic people from Bucharest, Romania.
Our values are honesty, transparency, and integrity.
Cofounder / Full-Stack Developer
Alex is an ambitious fullstack dev with over 7 experience. He likes collaborating with like-minded people, understanding and solving interesting problems, and always comes up with elegant solutions. He is determined, energetic and a true professional, the perfect colleague one can hope for.
Cofounder / Full-Stack Developer
Robert is a very dedicated developer with over 10 years of experience. Even when he's not working, his mind can't stand still and he works on his own personal projects, of which there's an infinite supply. He's independent, proactive and requires little guidance. When starting a new project, he likes to fill in the gaps, let the client know if there's something missing and what's the best approach.
Illustrator / Conceptual Artist
Cristina is passionate about color, patterns and abstract shapes, adding organic textures. She likes to experiment with typography and hand-lettering, adding uniqueness to each brand she works with. She loves to illustrate in a naive and unconventional way, focusing on evoking emotions.
Ares is Alex's cute assistant. He likes to participate in meetings and he is great at standing still and looking pretty.
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